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3.18.08 Welcome to the Club - Sunshine Live with Store N Forward
3.21.08 Trance Around The World hosted by A&B - Duderstadt Guestmix
3.21.08 Afterglow Sessions on XM82 The System with Store N Forward
3.23.08 Deep Blue Radio Show - Guestappearance Store N Forward
3.26.08 Electronic Eavesdropping hosted by Duderstadt!
3.28.08 Afterglow Sessions on XM82 - The System with Duende
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  Artistpage Solarsun aka Cold Blue:

Cold Blue is a trance project of the German producer Tobias Schuh. 
Born in 1985 he discovered his love for music in the early childhood. After getting in touch with computers and producing software he finally got the possibility to create his own ideas of sounds and music.
Meanwhile he releases his music on several top trance labels under different projects and so there is Solarsun - Overjoyed on Afterglow!
Solarsun - Overjoyed
Moonforce & Cold Blue - Uxorious (2007 Remake)
Cold Blue & Del Mar - Seven Ways / 11 Days
Cold Blue - Hard Shell / In Balance
Cold Blue - Streams
Cold Blue - One

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