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3.18.08 Welcome to the Club - Sunshine Live with Store N Forward
3.21.08 Trance Around The World hosted by A&B - Duderstadt Guestmix
3.21.08 Afterglow Sessions on XM82 The System with Store N Forward
3.23.08 Deep Blue Radio Show - Guestappearance Store N Forward
3.26.08 Electronic Eavesdropping hosted by Duderstadt!
3.28.08 Afterglow Sessions on XM82 - The System with Duende
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Artist page Duderstadt

Bio :

At the age of 15 and 13 Dirk and Marco Duderstadt discovered a hobby and indeed a talent: makin´ music. As the hobby can be very expensive, the two had to fight their way as LJ´s and DJ´s through several clubs. They finally found a lasting home in the Old Daddy in Haltern.
At the beginning of 1998 they had with some effort saved for a little studio in which they produced the herbinger track, which in turn would end up fliping their lives upside down.
It was a question of a song with a guitar that arouses interest of Ralf Zenker from No Respect Records. He then introduced the brothers to Ramon who already had succesful productions to his name.
It was from this guitarsong, Dirk, Marco and Ramon produced the track “Toca me” and finally established the Fragma project ( in 1999. To their surprise "Toca me" was reaching the Top of all international Dance Charts and entered No. 11 of Uk´s Sales Chart.
In the year 2000 all this should be topped when the 'right' vocals came together with the 'right' track. The acappella from "Coco - I Need A Miracle" was mashed up with "Toca me" and it developed to a huge Radio- and Club hit. Everyone from Pete Tong to Judge Jules supported the Track to death. In this time Positivarecords, which also had a contract with Coco, decided to release the Track officially. "Toca`s Miracle", the Track now called, entered No. 1 of the British Sales chart and stayed there for another week.
No 1 rankings would follow in Australia, Ireland and Scandinavia. Toca´s Miracle sold more than 1 Million units and got several Gold and Platin Awards in Australia, Great Britain, Norway and Denmark.
The second single "Everytime You Need Me", sung by the british Maria Rubia, wasn´t less successful: No3 in Uk´s Sales Chart, Gold Award in Australia and in Germany it topped "Toca´s Miracle" and entered the Top 20 of its Sales Chart.
The first Lp "Toca" reached GOLD in the UK likewise and sold more than 200.000 units.
Further productions and remixes followed, e.g. for Backstreet Boys, Pulsdriver, Monoculture, Snap etc.
They were suddenly also demanded as DJ´s and had gigs on the whole planet.
In August 2001 they finally founded the Evergreen-Terrace Studio. Here they produced Club-Hits like:

Duderstadt - Sunrise (Supported by: Envio, Mr.Sam, Mike Shiver, Marc West, Matt Hardwick, Blank&Jones)

Davy Van Eynde - Irawadi ( Tune of the Week at Armin van Buurens "A State of Trance" Show, supported by: Lange (No1 in his Chart), Robert Smit, Ferry Corsten, Dave Pearce, Rank 1, Michael Parsberg, Envio, Matt Darey)

Duderstadt - Mahananda (Armin - Tune of the Week again :-), Ferry Corsten, Darren Tate, Solarstone, Woody van Eyden, Alex M.o.r.p.h.)

Discography :

Singles :
- Fragma feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw – Radio Waves
- Fragma – Time And Time Again
- Fragma - Everytime You Need Me
- Fragma – Toca's Miracle
- Fragma – Toca Me

- Duderstadt – Sunrise
- Duderstadt – Taking Over
- Duderstadt - Mahananda
- Duderstadt – Muhanjala
- Duderstadt & Anita Kelsey - Smile (CD + 12'inch)

Remixes :
- Monoculture - Light Of My Life (Duderstadt Remix)
- Fragma - Say That You're Here (Duderstadt Remix)
- Fragma - Embrace Me (Duderstadt Remix)
- Fragma - Time And Time Again (Duderstadt Remix)
- Mega lo´Mania - Emotion (Duderstadt Remix)
- Fragma - Man In The Moon (Duderstadt Remix)
- Blank & Jones - Flowtation (Duderstadt Remix)
- Duende - Luna Negra (Duderstadt Remix)
- Primate C - Be Free (Duderstadt Remix)
- Alex M.o.r.p.h. - Flaming Clouds (Duderstadt Remix)
- Mr. Sam feat. RANI - Secret(Duderstadt Remix)
- Boom Jinx - Remember September (Duderstadt Remix)
- Mandala Bros - Sleepwalking ( Duderstadt Uplifting Remix)

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