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3.18.08 Welcome to the Club - Sunshine Live with Store N Forward
3.21.08 Trance Around The World hosted by A&B - Duderstadt Guestmix
3.21.08 Afterglow Sessions on XM82 The System with Store N Forward
3.23.08 Deep Blue Radio Show - Guestappearance Store N Forward
3.26.08 Electronic Eavesdropping hosted by Duderstadt!
3.28.08 Afterglow Sessions on XM82 - The System with Duende
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Artist page Plastic Angel

Bio :

Elef Tsiroudis aka Plastic Angel is one of Germanys leading trance-producers. His first record was released at the end of 93 and went on to become a small club hit. Meanwhile after innumerable releases and remixes he is one of the most respected artists in the trance-scene.

In the past Elef has worked with Labels such as Mute, Spot on, React, Hooj, Avex and several other major labels. His own productions have been remixed by Resistance D, Corvin Dalek, Talla 2XLC, Dejure, Thomas p. Heckmann and Hardy Heller. Meanwhile, he has himself remixed tracks for artists such as Moby, John 00 Fleming, 2Players, Lange, Darren Tate, Midway, Three Drives, Solarstone and many others.

His tracks are played by many top DJ's across the world and have been signed to various major compilations. But for elef, this is not enough. He also runs one of the most established and respected Trance labels at the moment, Afterglow Records. In less than a year the label became one of the leading labels around.

As Plastic Angel DJ Team, Elef and his partner David have played in countries like Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Holland , Argentina and UK. Their style is uplifting, progressive trance but they also please crowds across the globe with Technoid tracks that sends the dancefloors crazy! Plastic Angel are a well respected production team, and a great addition to any club night.
Elef & David also have a monthly Radio Show at the biggest Internetradiostation DI.FM ( with more than 5.000 Listeners!!

Discography :

Singles :
- Plastic Angel - One Step Ahead E.P.
- Plastic Angel - Enter The Dark Room E.P.
- Plastic Angel - Schatten E.P.
- Plastic Angel - Simulation
- Plastic Angel - Pascale
- Plastic Angel - Daylight / Estelle
- Plastic Angel - Fabienne
- Plastic Angel - Pascale
- Plastic Angel - Afterglow
- Plastic Angel - Sweet Sixteen
- Plastic Angel - Lass Mich Dein Sklave Sein
- Plastic Angel - Heaven & Hell
- Plastic Angel - Distorted Reality
- Plastic Angel vs. 2 Players - Supreme
- Plastic Angel - Call The Galaxy Taxi
- Plastic Angel - Try walking in my world (June'07)

Album :
- Plastic Angel - Hardwired

Remixes :
- Khazad Dum - Come Together (Plastic Angel Remix)
- Tubular Knights - The Last Crusade (Plastic Angel Remix)
- Cyberstorm - Our Energy (Plastic Angel Remix)
- Moby - Run On (Plastic Angel Remix)
- Webdrivers - Eternity Forever (Plastic Angel Remix)
- John"00" Flemming - Free (Plastic Angel Remix)
- Pro-Ton - Believe In Me (Plastic Angel Remix)
- 2 Players - Signet (Plastic Angel Remix)
- Elizabeth Fields - Speak In Sympathy (Plastic Angel's Deep Vocal Mix)
- Firewall aka Lange - Touched (plastic angel remix)

Contact Plastic Angel :

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Website :

MySpace : Plastic Angel @ Myspace

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