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3.18.08 Welcome to the Club - Sunshine Live with Store N Forward
3.21.08 Trance Around The World hosted by A&B - Duderstadt Guestmix
3.21.08 Afterglow Sessions on XM82 The System with Store N Forward
3.23.08 Deep Blue Radio Show - Guestappearance Store N Forward
3.26.08 Electronic Eavesdropping hosted by Duderstadt!
3.28.08 Afterglow Sessions on XM82 - The System with Duende
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  Artistpage Mark Versluis

Mark Versluis biography May 2007.

Mark Versluis is producing electronic dance music since 1996,

After years of screwing around with various software programs on Amiga and PC, and "releasing" material on the internet, his first production appeared on the (back then) succesfull dutch cd-compilation "Thunderdome", however the style of this production wasn’t what he liked most, it was just populair and "an easy style to produce"back then.

Years passed by and his first productions produced together with Jan Kalafut appeared on various compilation cd’s around the year 2000. Finally he was producing a style he really loved : Trance Music.

At the end of 2003 his first vinyl release was a fact and many followed.

So far Mark co-produced with alot of projects: Szartd&TranceJax, S.T.J., Luis Kala, Kyamoto, Foreign Force, Versluis&Sande, Moonforce&Mark Versluis which got great releases on known labels around the globe such as: A State of Trance, Afterglow, ATCR, TRR, Dark Noize, Lange Recordings and more being supported by names as Armin van Buuren , Rank-1, Dj Precision, Brian Cross, Plastic Angel, dj Pulser, Steve Helstrip, Menno de Jong, Niklas Harding and many, many more.

Mark gave it a shot dj-ing for a short time, but running a family was more important and taking all of his time so nowadays he is focusing on spending his spare time with producing music only.

The future looks bright and his biggest wish to get his solo material released on a good label and see it being supported and enjoyed by all trancers around the world is just a matter of time!

Slowly the name "Mark Versluis" appears in his project names, but also keeping projects such as "Foreign Force" , "Kyamoto" and "Versluis&Sande" alive is a big priority at the moment.

Also as a remixer Mark is starting to get active using his "solo"name, rescently he finished remixes for Solstice , Matt Abbott & DSE and Amphiby & Spiral Motion and more is to come.



Mark Versluis – Confusta (soon!)
Moonforce & Mark Versluis – Indigo (soon!)
Moonforce & Mark Versluis ft. Sunstate – Forgotten Freedom (soon!)
Moonforce & Mark Versluis - Sublima
Versluis & Sande vs. Moonforce – Devined
Versuis & Sande vs. Moonforce – Epic Rocks
Versluis & Sande – Thessa
Versluis & Sande – Basic Movement
Foreign Force – Emotional Breeze
Foreign Force - Ozone
Luis Kala – Panema
S.T.J. – Aurora
S.T.J. - A State of Mind
Kyamoto – Frosted
Kyamoto – Stealth
Szartd & TranceJax – Tenso


Solstice – Edge of the Ocean (Mark Versluis remix)
Matt Abbott & DSE – Far from Home (Mark Versluis remix)
Amphiby & Spiral Motion – Liquid Mask (Mark Versluis remix)
Kyamoto – Frosted (Foreign Force remix)
Luis Kala – Panema (Foreign Force remix)


Dream Dance vol. 43
Trancemaster 5000
Amnesia DJ Sessions vol.1
Global Phases vol.1
Trance : The Ultimate Collection 2005
A Trip In Trance vol. 3
A Trip In Trance vol .2
A Trip In Trance vol. 1

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