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3.18.08 Welcome to the Club - Sunshine Live with Store N Forward
3.21.08 Trance Around The World hosted by A&B - Duderstadt Guestmix
3.21.08 Afterglow Sessions on XM82 The System with Store N Forward
3.23.08 Deep Blue Radio Show - Guestappearance Store N Forward
3.26.08 Electronic Eavesdropping hosted by Duderstadt!
3.28.08 Afterglow Sessions on XM82 - The System with Duende
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          Wellenrausch - No Superstition (AGR046-6)
out on 03.05.2010


Original mix
            Dub mix
            Simmons & Blanc Remix
            Silva's Nu Generation remix


When it comes to select the progressive trance tracks to include in your weekend dj set for clubs or radio first you should think about Afterglow that is a label that constantly moves forward and loves innovation and fresh ideas. The coming back of Wellenrausch for a full single in the safe hands of Afteglow sounds the most appropriate after the success of their remix on the Rick Snel feat Judith Jobse track. No Superstition is the kind of track that you can expect to capture the best out of the current electronic dance music genres that can be called trance or progressive house. The beat that they use is that tribalish prog house one that has a lot of “groovy up for it feeling” but with the sad trance melodies on top and the distorted male vocals work really well to create a composition  that with one foot walks to the optimistic side and the other one  goes in a darker path. Silva version leans more towards the progressive tribal house interpretation and with the addition of some electro basslines really offers that fresh forward thinking alternative version. My favorite version comes from  Simmons & Blanc that provide a deep soothing but really driving and intense like a dark journey version. The way that the synth stabs come in along with the use of vocal lines create a soundscape that thousands images are taking shape in front of you when you close your eyes and you dance in the dark performing  your mysterious movements. Wait to see when in the symphonic break the rocky indie vocal appears and then the whole tracks flows and grows inside you in the main part. To put in one word: Unbelievable

          Kassey Voorn & Pete McCarthey - Enso
          out on 03.05.2010
            original mix
            EGOSTEREO Remix

Afterglow deep goes the mediterannean way for the latest release and offers two really big size prog house tracks that deserve to get in any dj set that appreciate quality productions. The original mix is centered around a trumpet like melody sample that sounds threatening and fearful like a big UFO landing on earth and humans run away to avoid it. Certainly has a mystical mysterious and dark approach that works perfectly with the big demanding beat and that sound in the break that will make everyone in the club to pay attention and listen carefully. Egostereo from his side offers a deeper more minimal approach with the addition of introducing an electronic melody that adds a bit of warmth on that strange trumpet-siren like sample. If you want to add depth and atmosphere in your tech-house and proggy sets you got at last the tunes to do it. Now it’s your turn to mix them right and exact. 10/10

          Plastic Angel - Try walking in my world 
          (Daniel Portman remix)
          out on 01.03.2010
          BEATPORT LINK 

The idea to bring on board a such a fantastic remixer that whatever he touches becomes gold certainly is great and the man with the charisma he delivers a top remix that is impossible to pass unnoticed and not to wanted desperately if you are a dj to own it. Thanks god download shops are 24 hours open so even if you feel insomniac there is a way to make yours this little precious shinny diamond. It starts minimal and groovy and then moves to a more playful and really juicy Chicago kind of old house beat. The atmosphere is mysterious with great construction and some nice sounds here and there dropped with great effect so to keep the dancefloor interested and lead the way to the  two breaks that are perfect to build up anticipation with the cool synths and get that hands in the air reaction. For sure many will ask what is that tune and you know from now on the answer. It’s an invitation to try walking in Elef’s world, do we all dare to stand on his shoes and do it?  10/10

          Rick Snel feat. Judith Jobse - Remember (AGR045)
          out on 29.03.2010

          BEATPORT LINK  

             Original mix
                 Dub mix
                 Gai Barone remix
                 Wellenrausch remix
                 MUSEARTIC Remix


Who doesn’t remember with joy the fantastic anthem Travel released on Captivate/Fektive? You may be recall that behind this very original trance production was a name that whenever he appears his name is a seal of approval. The Dutch trance producer Rick Snel comes back this time on Plastic Angel’s main label Afterglow records in Berlin with the Dutch singer Judith Jobse on the mysterious entitled track Remember. Together they have released back in 2008 the superb Do you Need Me on Deep End/Fektive that was a big success that seems that will continue in 2010 with “Remember” coming out very soon on Afterglow in a package that shines with quality including 3 very original and unique remixes from Wellenrausch, Gai Barone and Museartic. The original is a driving moody dark prog trancer that has the word anthem written all over it. The fantastic bubbling beats are melted into one with dark melodies and the distorted with effects voice of Judith that will be impossible not to imagine her in the stage singing this track live. This is what I find so special with those tracks that resemble the warmth of a live performance. Perfect for the big sound systems this  production will leave you speechless for hours after listening to it from your favorite dj. Of course, if you feel that you need for your performance an instrumental like tornado track, the package includes a luscious dub mix too. On the remix front the German Wellenrausch who lately does a noticeable comeback in a couple of well-known labels take the track in his own melodic prog trance territory. He respects the moodiness of the original so he adds melancholic and sweet melodies that support the deepness of the vocals in the break. It’s very traveling and driving remix and you cannot stop thinking that will sound so special listening to it while you drive your car. The Italian wonderboy and Afteglow discovery Gai Barone goes for an even darker more minimal version that flows really nicely by initializing industrial and psy-trance influences in an explosive combination. The break will unleash a big dramatic moment with symphonic strings and a terrifying like siren  sound that will lead the track in a superb direction. The versatility of this remix is simply unbelievable as prog trancers but also prog housers will absolutely love it. The way he uses the vocal hook is also one to be highlighted. Last but least, my favorite project from their top Intuition deep release Museartic does wonders in their own version. The beats now are tribal and much more hopeful and upbeat; the vocal comes without any distortion  and really you feel that this version can be easily used as a bridge from darker tracks to the more uplifting ones. Musertic keeps things easy and uncomplicated with a version that wins your attention from the very first listening. Be first to go behind  “Remember”  that will explode within the next months as every version is absolutely essential purchase.

          RAPHA & REMINDER - Beyond the clouds 
            (agr043-6 out on 28.09.09)

            1: Daniel Kandi's 147 Club Mix
            2: R.E.N.O.I.S.E. Remix
            3: Reminder Remix
            4: Rapha remix

          exclusive Link to Beatport:


Feedback: Two great producers are co-operating to deliver a massive new hands in the air uplifting trance track that you feel it straight away with all your senses. Not just one but 4 great versions to choose from. Daniel is doing his usual trick and he delivers a big uplifting driving monster size version that is hard and ultra fast as we like it to be. Trance with tech elements the way that only our Dannish friend knows to compose. Rapha next uplifting mix has all the right elements that will keep audience on the dancefloor. The hands in the air moment arrives in the break that you simply need to close your eyes and discover what is hidden  beyond the clouds. The other two are the deep prog versions with reminder offering a very dynamic progressive trance mix while renoise follow a more esoteric root and deliver a more experimental and playful version perfect for the trance house sets that we listen quite often in these days. 10/10


        Dino Lenny & Andrea Doria - so get up  
        (agrdeep007-6) out now 28.09.09
        exclusive Link to Beatport:
        original rework 
        andrea doria remix
        dino lenny remix

About this new recreation of the underground sound of Lisbon classic: Certainly first of all what you notice is the difference in the voice and delivery of the classic lyrics. The new voice is more sexy and the original voice was a bit more frightening and dark. Anyway certainly the new voice adds a new dimension to the track. Now the original rework is as the word says a recreation of the classic by following the same construction with different sounds updated for 2009. Dino Lenny mix as it sounds more tribalish, techy and very hot ready to make some bodies sweat badly on any house floor. Andrea now goes to a more electronic kind of Chicago/Detroit  house vibe with acid sounds  that is very interesting twist for the dark original. This remix certainly will be favorite by variety of djs even techno people can play it very easily but house djs too. I can see  Carl Cox or Laurent Garnier or Mauro Picotto,  that should be served a copy,  getting behind it. This release   certainly will introduce the label to djs from other styles as well that I believe it’s a good thing. For a really strange reason I like this and ill give it some serious radio push ups….at the end of day we will meet in the next life if there is one. 10/10

          NEW RELEASES OUT NOW - exclusive @ Beatport

        Cid Inc. - Dreamers (AGRDEEP006-6) 

Feedback: Afteglow never fails to impress me and make me feel really excited for anything that they release. On the deep imprint here comes a massive release that will be playlisted in the next weeks by all the big players. The original is deep and very groovylicious track with huge melancholic synthy hook in the break. Perfect for early house moments. Cid inc has made it once again for me. From the remixes side Gai Barone’s proves that he can transform a great original idea to whatever he likes. For the melodic dreamy guys and sets the heavenly mix but if you want to add a bit of aggression and attitude the tougher tribal trancy way to hell mix. Two ace examples of a producer who knows how to deliver the goods. Finally Gianluigi offers a superb melodic house version that is perfect for house sets with great use of the synthy hook from the original. For those types of sets it can be one of the peak time tracks. 10/10

Out now 30.08.09 @ Beatport

FKN vs Sun Movement-Starlight (AGR042-6)

When you read the names of the producers in a release  you get a small idea of what is inside to any track. When I saw FKN and Sun Movement(aka Amex) being behind this I was rest assured that this is another top track. The original is beautiful melodic female progressive trancer with that wonderful melody played in a guitar that adds that live and warm feeling to it. Juliette is doing perfectly her job and I imagine her being in the seaside  with her friends and singing that tune to them and her friends ask her what this track is all about. You can call it Balearic  and perfect for summer release. If the original is dreamy and balearic you turn your vinyl to the other side and you get a top alternative. Im so glad to see Plastic Angel teaming up once again with Store N Forward. The result is a big prog even tech trance track with very energetic bassline and really strong drive that takes you on a wild ride. After the well placed break with the quality sweety vocals the pay off moment comes in the shape of an euphoric main part that is slamming and banging. Top Package with Top 2 mixes with Top different approach. Afteglow releases are not many but worth to wait for them. 10/10

AGRDEEP005-6  22.06.09

exclusive @

GAI BARONE - Organum (agrdeep005-6)
The original sound so fresh and playful with all those progressive and electro sound influences and the most important that nice organ type of sound that gives it funk and extra edge. Something that is completely new in my ears. Now about  the so cool deep mix that follows the classic deep progressive trance recipe with drive and atmosphere. Last but not least you have on board a surprising name. Dino Lenny certainly takes the track in a completely new direction helping the track to appeal to more classic house djs as well.10/10

support by Eelke Kleijn, Moussa Clarke, Plastic Angel, Jacob Henry, Egostereo, Inpetto and and.

(out on 07.02.08)
Store N Forward - Honeymoon

a1: original mix
b1: Mike Shiver's Catching Sun Mix
b2: Funabashi Remix
out on 07.02.2008 (CD / Vinyl / MP3)

Vinyl at:
and many more...

digital at:

CD at:

already supported by A&B, AvB, Duderstadt, Plastic Angel, Ronski Speed, Tillmann Uhrmacher,
Eddie Halliwell, DJ Tab & Super 8, Andre Visior, Markus Schulz, Thrillseekers and many more

Duderstadt & Kirsty Hawkshaw


Released: 29.11.2007 (Vinyl / CD / Download)

Afterglow Records (

Marco & Dirk Duderstadt are returning in early 2008 with their killer new single 'Beatitude'! Pronounced just like it looks ('Be Attitude'!), it features the heavenly, lung-tastic vocals of Kirsty Hawkshaw (of legendary Opus 3 fame). Duderstadt themselves kick two monster versions into the remix pot. If you like a cooler sound, head straight for their 'Progressive' mix. Or if you're in more of a 'take-no-prisoners' mood, check the 'Uplifting Mash Up Mix'. Breaking production talent is represented too in the form of Mat Zo & Marcus Schössow who re-route the track into deeper, more atmospheric territory. Last but by no means least melodic maestros Store n' Forward layer in the rushing pads and chords for an epic, sweeping finale..

DJMAG 5/5, IDJ MAG Recommended HIT TIP, M8 by all tops and available in all good stores!

1: Duderstadt Progressive Mix
2: Duderstadt Uplifting Mash Up
3: Marcus Schössow Remix
4: Mat Zo Remix
5: Store N Forward remix

CD available at:

Vinyl at:
and many more.

Digital at:
and many more

Friday, October 19, 2007

4:00 pm - 10:00 pm
US Eastern time 
Thomas, of Store N Forward, has a birthday that needs to be celebrated! That means a LIVE VIDEO SHOW straight from their studios, with a great line-up including:

- Store-N-Forward (Afterglow Records)
- Ciacomix (Deepdive Records/DI.FM)
- Duderstadt (Afterglow Records)
- Mike Hunter (DI.FM)
- Reminder (Drizzly Records)


Start time: a little after 4PM US Eastern / 9PM UK / 22:00 Central Europe. It'll be "live right now" so don't miss it!!

Out now 27.09.07 - Afterglow035-6

Dear Friends & DJ's,

finally Summerbreak is over and we are proud to present you the new afterglow release. After his sensational comeback with "call the galaxy taxi", Plastic Angel returns with an even stronger track called "try walking in my world". This deep driving smasher (produced together with the Duderstadt Brothers"  is going to rock the worldwide clubs & venues..... Remixes are delivered by Anjuna Artists Daniel Kandi & Maor Levi, but also from "Cold Blue" from the Blackhole Stable and new signed Afterglow Artist "FKN"
An easy decision to purschase this extraordinary Product!!!!!!!
check the soundfiles at:
Vinyl Release on 27.09.07 ---- CD / Downloads 11.10.07

Dear Friends, (DJ MAG TOP 100  POLL) 15.08.07

This is just a simple request: If you have enjoyed the music of our Afterglow Artists, dj sets or the weekly Afterglow Sessions on XM-Satellite (the system) plus Electronic Eavesdropping (Duderstadt Exclusive Show) please show us your support in this years dj mag top 100 poll. The Top 100 has become more important over recent times, and is a widely referenced indicator of an artist's popularity, albeit often inaccurate and / or unfair! 
Please vote for these great DJ's:

(Electronic Eavesdropping / XM Satellite Afterglow Sessions)
Plastic Angel
(Afterglow Sessions XM - Satellite)
(Afterglow Sessions XM Satellite / Remixes for ATB / Duderstadt!)
Store N Forward
(Headdj's of Afterglow Sessions XM-Sat. and Tranceformation on

thanks for your help.....


Out now 26.07.07
Solarsun - Overjoyed
(incl. Cold Blue / Hydroid & Store N Forward Remixes)
AGR034-6 (12inch)

Dear friends & fans,
this Production really don’t need many words. Overjoyed is a real
Summer Anthem produced by Black Hole Artist Cold Blue, that’sall we can say. Just turn on the volume and let’s take a magical
journey through this beautiful anthem.

Next to the Cold Blue Remix we have two outstanding remixesfrom Hydroid & Afterglow Artists Store N Forward delivering
their own interpretation of the track. Be prepared to hear this one
at all party islands this year…..
"Summer Anthem"

Expected Support by: Ferry, John Askew, AvB, PvD, B&J , Tillmann Uhrmacher
Alex Morph, Matt Hardwick, DJ Precision, Menno de Jong, Steve Helstrip, A&B, Paul Kershaw, Tiesto, Ronski Speed, Solarstone, Rank 1,Judge Jules, Jon O Bir, Mike Shiver
Andre Visior, George Acosta, Eddie Halliwell, Duderstadt, Duende, Tim Stark and many more..

True To Trance Vol.3 mixed by Duderstadt out now (29.06.07)

Out now 29.06.07 AGRCD003-6
 True To Trance Vol.3 mixed by Duderstadt

True To Trance is back. After the very succesful 2nd Volume, True To Trance returns with an even stronger 3rd Volume mixed by Germany's hottest Trance Duo Duderstadt. These Artists don't need to be introduced anymore. Countless Releases & Remixes for all major Artists & Labels made them to "Big Players" in the Trancescene. Playing this year also on the worldfamous "LOVE FROM ABOVE" hosted byPaul van Dyk and Nature One …..

True To Trance Vol.3 is full packed with many unreleased, exclusive progressive & epic Trance Anthems by Acts like Kyau & Albert, David West, Nic Chagall, Jose Amnesia, Duderstadt, Airbaseto name a few.

All Major Labels like Anjuna Beats, Afterglow, Euphonic, Captured, Fenology, Armada Music, High Contrast are presented on this outstanding, perfectly mixed compilation.

Another "Afterglow" Product which is destinated for success. TRANCE at it's best!!!!!!!

distributed by Discomania GmbH
avaiable at AMAZON

You can purchase it also as Download at:

Saturn Download

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